• Yubel - Das Abscheulich Ritter, the German used on the Japanese release for this card, literally means Yubel - The Detestable Knight.
    • Ironically, the German name for this card is based on the English name instead. This also occurs to its next form's name.
  • "Yubel - Das Abscheulich Ritter" is grammatically incorrect German: the correct name would be "Yubel - Der Abscheuliche Ritter".
    • However, the use of the neutral article over the grammatically-correct masculine one could refer to the androgynous nature of "Yubel".
  • This monster, like its other counterparts, has "Eyes" and "Faces" throughout the parts of its body (its chest resembles the third eye of "Yubel").
  • This is the only incarnation of "Yubel" where its head retracts into its body (it re-emerges in its next form).

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