• The effect of "Yubel" ties in perfectly with the character's sadomasochism: whatever 'pain' (i.e. battle damage) this card experiences, it reciprocates the opponent in Life Point damage.
    • This goes along with how in the anime, despite Yubel using herself and her evolutions to attack Jaden's monsters, it is depicted that the monsters are forced to instead attack her while she simply takes the attack.
  • "Yubel" sounds like "Jubel", the German word for "exultation".
  • The history of Yubel is similar to that of Marik Ishtar. Both Yubel and Marik were destined to serve the protagonists (Jaden Yuki and Yami Yugi/Atem respectively) and had obtained incredible powers to do so. Also, both became corrupted by a supernatural antagonistic force (Yubel was corrupted by the Light of Destruction and Marik was corrupted by his own hatred that manifested into a darker personality). Also, both characters granted powers that helped the protagonists by the end of the series.
  • This card is one of few (if any) cards whose artwork was censored from the anime to the OCG. Despite this, it was not censored from the OCG to the TCG, but it was censored between the original anime and the dub.
  • The "Yubel" series is similar to the "LV" series such as "Armed Dragon" or "Dark Mimic", with each successive form being stronger. The difference is that "Yubel" is the only "LV"-like series that evolves when it is destroyed.
  • The three eyes of "Yubel" may be a reference to the three heads of Dante Alighieri's Satan in the Divine Comedy. Both are considered traitors to their lords and have taken the form of a dragon as a primary form of combat at one point in their lives. This is further elaborated on in Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare, who is depicted with three heads akin to Satan.
  • "Yubel" (in the first form), considering the male/female half and demonic features, bears a striking resemblance in appearance and concept to Baphomet, a character in Clive Barker's Cabal.

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