• This card, along "Yosenju Kama 2" and "Yosenju Kama 1", are based on the Japanese yōkai Kamaitachi, a weasel monster which rode atop whirlwinds to slice at passers-by.
    • This trio in particular appears to be modeled on the Hida Province's tradition regarding the Kamaitachi. According to this version of the myth, the Kamaitachi consists of three brother Gods who traveled in a group. The first would knock a person down, the second cuts them, and the final pours medicine in the wound to remove the pain. Correspondingly "Kama 3" represents the third member of this trinity, as it is shown in its art holding a shell-like container of glowing medicine.
    • Those three monsters are featured on the artwork of "Yosenjus' Secret Move" and "Yosen Training Grounds".
    • There's a pun in those cards' Japanese names: the "i" in "Kamaitachi" can be understood as "one"; the "ni" in "Kamanitachi" means "two", and the "mi" in "Kamamitachi", "three".
    • This card's name also contains "鎌" (kama "sickle") and 太刀 (tachi "great sword").

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