• "Gem-Knight Pearl", "Vylon Disigma" and the various body parts of "Lavalval Dragun", "Evigishki Merrowgeist", "Evigishki Gustkraken", "Daigusto Phoenix" and "Daigusto Falcos" appear in this card's artwork.
    • The appearance of "Vylon Disigma" could be an indicator of how his effect is supposed to appear. The monsters appear fused to "Disigma", reflecting its ability to equip monsters to itself, and it seems to gain power from those that are merged with it, since "Disigma" gains an advantage over monsters with the same Attribute as those it has equipped.
    • Conversely, "Gem-Knight Pearl" is incredibly apt to destroy "Disigma" in this image, since "Disigma" would be immune to destruction by FIRE, WIND, and WATER Monsters, but "Pearl" is an EARTH Monster, "Disigma" can only absorb Effect Monsters, but "Pearl" has no effect, and "Disigma" has 2500 ATK, but "Pearl" has 2600.
  • This card shows events during the beginning of the final part of the Duel Terminal story line where "Vylon Disigma" attacks the tribes to prevent them from fighting again, and "Gem-Knight Pearl" appears to stop him.

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