• This card is Zero: the Worm Planet.
  • This is most likely the last "Worm" monster due to its name having the letter 'Z'.
  • This is the first Fusion Monster for a Duel Terminal archetype.
  • This appears to be a "hive" of "Worms" rather than an individual monster; its effects seem to be related to "spawning" new "Worms" and providing massive support for the monsters.
  • This card appears similar to a recurring boss, 'Legion', in the game series 'Castlevania', which is also produced by Konami.
  • This card artwork is the same city showed in "Worm Call" (possibly the same city in "Future Fusion", implying that the "Future Fusion" would be a great support with this card).
  • This card is one of the two Fusion Monsters to only have 1 specific group of Fusion Material Monsters, the other being "Five-Headed Dragon".
    • With the recent addition of Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon, there are now three Fusion Monsters with 1 specific group of Fusion Material Monsters.
  • "Worm Zero" bears a strong resemblance to the Earth's Moon; this is further supported by the fact that the front face of "Zero" (shown in this card's artwork) has a look that alludes to the so-called 'Old Man of the Moon face' that can be seen in its full moon phase.
  • The Spanish print of this card refers to the "Worm" archetype name as "Gusano/a" instead of "Gusano".

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