• This card is based on the Tarot card, The World, the twenty-first of the Major Arcana.
  • The sword of "Charioteer of Prophecy", one of the staves of "Stoic of Prophecy", the axe of "Strength of Prophecy" and the bow of "Amores of Prophecy" appear in this card's artwork.
    • This makes reference to the artwork of the Tarot card, which features four creatures that represent the four elements of the natural world. The four elements being Earth, Water, Air, and Fire which are represented in this card's artwork by the weapons of "Amores", "Stoic", "Charioteer", and "Strength", respectively.
  • Based on the story of the Tarot cards, this card represents the culmination of the journey of "Fool of Prophecy".
    • The Tarot cards depict the story of the Fool on his journey through life with each of the Major Arcana representing his experiences along the way. The Fool is representative of the beginning of a journey (hence being numbered 0), while the World is representative of the end of said journey (hence being numbered XXI (the last of the Major Arcana)). This card shows the culmination of the Fool's journey, and all the experiences gained from this journey.
  • With several of the monsters in the Prophecy archetype having identical ATK and DEF as those of Yugi Muto's signature monsters, World of Prophecy is no different, having the same ATK and DEF as Dark Paladin.

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