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  • This card's artwork is similar to "Dark Flattop", as they are both aircraft carriers.
  • This card's name is a play on the Japanese name for the "Wind-Up" archetype, "Zenmai", and the word "mighty".
    • The name "Zenmaighty" (the OCG name) was changed into "Zenmaity" for TCG release, regardless of existing wordplay, in a reference to pirates.
  • This card is a naval war vehicle, an aircraft carrier. This mirrors the other "Wind-Up" Xyz Monsters "Zenmaister" and "Zenmaines", which are an aerial war vehicle and land war vehicle respectively (excluding the boss monster, "Zenmaioh", who can be viewed as the general instead).
  • This card is the first Xyz Monster to become Limited, and eventually Forbidden.
    • It is also the first Xyz Monster to be on the Forbidden & Limited Lists.
    • It is also the first "Wind-Up" monster to become Forbidden, and one of the two "Wind-Up" monsters to become Limited, the other being "Wind-Up Magician".

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