• This card's Japanese name seems to be a portmanteau of "Bi" (バイ Bai), reflecting its two heads ("Bai" also being Chinese for "White"), and "Bahamut" (バハムート Bahamūto).
    • This card's English name seems to be a portmanteau with "Baphomet".
  • The heads of this monster are based on Dunkleosteus, an extinct species of large predatory fish. This fits the original decription of Bahamut as a gigantic fish.
  • This card has the highest ATK of all Fish-Type monsters, with 3300 ATK.
  • This card is tied with "Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua" for having the highest Level of all Fish-Type monsters.
    • This card is also tied with “Big Whale” for having the highest DEF of all Fish-Type monsters.
  • This card's OCG/TCG effects are based on its manga counterpart's near-invincibility while its heads remain intact.
  • This is the first Synchro Monster to specifically list a Tuner Synchro Monster and then generic non-Tuners.