• This is the strongest Thunder-type "Watt" Monster, in terms of ATK and DEF Level. ("Wattaildragon" is strongest overall)
  • This card's amount of heads is equal to its Level.
  • In Greek mythology, the "Lernean Hydra" is an ancient serpent-like beast that possessed many heads. It was killed by Heracles as the second of his Twelve Labours.
  • According to the legends and myths of the Nyanga (people who live in the Congo River region), "Kirimu" is a dragon described as "a huge animal with a black hide, seven heads, seven horns, seven eyes, teeth like a dog, a huge belly, and the tail of an eagle".
    • It was said to have gone from the mountains into a village and ate a tribe of people. Later, when it was slain, the people were rescued from its stomach. This may be a reference to its effect; It goes to the deck to "eat" a card (remove it from play) and getting it back later on.

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