• This monster appears in the artwork of "Ancient Rules", which is referenced in this card's flavor text.
    • Its Level and its ATK are also referenced in this card's flavor text.
    • As "Ancient Rules" was released nearly six years prior to this card, "Wattaildragon" is one of the only Monsters in the game to debut on a Spell or Trap, then only later become a Monster. It shares this distinction with "Warrior of Zera", who first appeared in "Zera Ritual".
      • The hilt on "Warrior of Zera's" sword also bears a slight resemblance to the head of "Waittaildragon".
    • The art and flavor text of "Waittaildragon" are similar to DRUMP, a 2013 one-shot manga by Kazuki Takahashi about a blue dragon imprisoned inside a deck of magical playing cards for thousands of years.
  • This monster is the first "Watt" monster that isn't a Thunder-type monster, the second "Watt" Normal Monster (after "Wattkid"), and the strongest "Watt" monster in terms of ATK.

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