• This card's summoning method is a replica of the chemical structure of water (H2O).
  • This card's final effect appears to represent a chemical breakdown from water back into its component parts, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • This card's name and appearance is aesthetically similar to "Aqua Dragon".
    • It also shares the following in common with "Mythic Water Dragon":
      • Similar names and appearances
      • The same Attribute and Level
      • Both of these card's effects have a different monster Attribute as a prerequisite for their effects (this card in-part drops the ATK of FIRE monsters to 0 and "Mythic Water Dragon" requires an EARTH monster to be on your Field for it to be Special Summoned.)
        • Furthermore, these said Attribute criteria are two things that water in real-life is "strong" against (water inhibits fires by cutting off oxygen, one of a fire's catalysts and it also weathers, or erodes most earth-based materials.)

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