• "Laval Stennon" wears armor that seems to resemble this Tuner. This may be a reflection of the promotional material for the set both of them are released in, which suggests that the "Steelswarm" are at war with the other teams, who are allied against them.
  • This is the only Vylon Tuner to not have its ATK equal to its DEF.
    • The fact that this card has 200 DEF is also possible reference to the fact it was designed to work with the Lavals: Many FIRE support cards effect monsters with 200 DEF.
  • This card's name is based on a star.
    • This card's name comes from "stellation", the process of creating new polyhedral in three dimensions; a fitting name since all "Vylon" Tuner Monsters are shaped like polyhedral.
    • This card's name also sounds like "stellar," which would explain why this card is star-shaped appearance.
    • "Stella" is the Italian word for "star".

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