• Omega is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet.
    • This card's body also slightly resembles a lowercase Omega "ω" when viewed from the side, while the golden ring is shaped like an uppercase Omega "Ω".
    • Oddly, unlike the other Vylon Synchro Monsters, the Roman numeral engraved on its chest is incorrect according to its lettering order, showing XX (20) instead of XXIV (24)
    • There is also a Vylon monster called "Vylon Ohm", whose name derives from an SI unit expressed as "Ω", the same as Omega's letter shape.
  • This is the strongest "Vylon" monster in terms of original ATK and Level.
  • This card's effect is basically the upgraded effect of the first effect of "Vylon Alpha"; while Alpha can only re-equip Equip Spells once (when it is Synchro Summoned), Omega can re-equip any Vylon monster each turn, and with "Vylon Sphere" included, it can also re-equip Equip Spells as well.
  • Considering the Vylons resemble synthetic angelic beings and since Judeo-Christian belief regards God as the Alpha and the Omega, it makes sense that "Vylon Alpha" and "Vylon Omega" have the highest Level among the Vylons.
  • This card has the same Attribute, Type and Level as "Odin, Father of the Aesir". It also requires same amount of monsters for Synchro Summon.
  • The first effect of this card echoes the promotional material for the set it is released in, which claims that it is the leader of a force that opposes the Steelswarms, since its effect would be highly detrimental to all high-leveled Steelswarm who must be Normal/Tribute Summoned to use their effects.
  • The face of Vylon Omega is actually very small compared to his actual body, under the uppercase Omega (Ω) on its head.
  • If examined closely, the color scheme of the Vylon Synchro Monsters have gradually changed slightly from the usual golden-white into golden-white-black and the fact that Omega's color scheme is somewhat "darker" than most of the Vylon Sycnhro Monsters, it is probably become a sign about what will happen to the Vylons in the future; turning evil and attempts to exterminate their own former-allies.
    • Omega's color scheme also includes several gold tones, fittingly referring to its status as the true leader of the Vylons.
  • This card and "Vylon Disigma" have many opposite traits, indicating that Omega exists in order to protect the other Duel Terminal tribes from destruction, while the latter tries to exterminate them instead.
    • This card is a Synchro Monster (white color scheme), while Disigma is an Xyz Monster (black color scheme).
    • While Omega focusing on equipping your own monster into it, Disigma forcefully equips/absorbs your opponent's monster instead, fittingly describes their view towards the other Duel Terminal archetypes.
    • Omega's effect destroy monsters whenever it is Synchro Summoned, while Disigma destroy monsters when it is battling (much like "Ally of Justice Catastor").

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