• Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
    • The golden ring on its back is also shaped like an uppercase Alpha "A" and its body slightly resembles the lowercase Alpha "α" if viewed from the side.
  • This is the first Machine-Type "Vylon" Synchro Monster.
    • This could be a reference from the latin phrase "Deus ex machina" = (God out of the machine). Because of the order of the saying Alpha and Omega, Alpha is always first, thus signifying all come from the beginning (Alpha) including Omega, the end. And since Vylon Omega is a Fairy-type, which is God-like, it mirrors the saying by making Vylon Alpha a Machine-type.
    • The Roman numeral engraved on Alpha's chest (I) also means one, signifying Alpha is the embodiment of the "beginning".
  • This card is the second highest Level "Vylon" monster, the first being "Vylon Omega" (with Level 10)
    • Ironically, despite this card's Level, its ATK and DEF are weaker than its Level 8 predecessor, "Vylon Epsilon".
  • Considering the "Vylon" resemble synthetic angelic beings and since Judeo-Christian belief regards God as the Alpha and the Omega, it makes sense that "Vylon Alpha" and "Vylon Omega" have the highest Level among the Vylons.
    • This may also explain why Vylon Alpha's effect relates to protection against Spell and Trap Cards (referencing the "beginning" meaning of Alpha) while Vylon Omega's effect relates to Monster Cards and destruction (referencing the "end" meaning of Omega).
  • The lights that appear in Vylon Alpha's both hands have the same pattern as the ones in "Vylon Segment".

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