• This is the first Match winner monster to be released, and the only Match winner that is not illegal (instead being Forbidden).
    • All the following Match winner cards were Illegal upon release, as a result of how Broken this card's effect was when it was released.
  • The artwork of "Victoria" features what appears to be a four-headed version of this monster.
  • This card was banned in the OCG solely because one tactic that players would use when facing this card, which was forfeit before the card could attack therefore only losing just the duel and not the entire match (a move that is not technically illegal but considered highly unsportsmanlike and frowned upon), and in the OCG, a player cannot forfeit until the 10th turn or after, and if attempting to do so during your opponent's turn, they have to agree to it.
    • These rules don't apply to the TCG where you can forfeit whenever you want. This is what lead to the card ultimately being banned and all following Match Winners being illegal, as this card caused uproar during tournaments when a player would forfeit before the attack, and this basically cheats the opponent out of their win condition, this card essentially affects things outside of the game as it caused a rulings nightmare with judges, forfeiting the duel like that is considered unsportsmanlike behavior.