• The Dragon on the artwork of this card appears to be a four-headed version of "Victory Dragon".
    • Also, Victoria means Victory in Spanish, which would make sense due to the effect of "Victory Dragon".
  • The card name is most likely a reference to Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory.
  • The card's unusual OCG name, "Wicktoria", is most likely a printing error due to leaving off the dakuten off of the first letter.
    • Also possible is the fact that "wicktoria" is the Latin pronunciation of the name "Victoria".
  • It is possible that the "Victoria" is a counterpart of "Herald of Creation". Both wield a staff, have similar armor and have long hair. Each one also deals with Dragons (the effect of "Herald" can be used for Level 7 and higher Dragons and "Victoria" takes control of an opponent's Dragon monster in the Graveyard).
    • Also, both share the same ATK stat.
  • The amount of heads the Dragon in this card has is equal to the maximum number of Dragons one could summon with the effect of "Victoria".

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