• This card is a reference to the Belmont family of vampire killers from the Konami game series "Castlevania", and to the whip they use to kill vampires (also named Vampire Killer). Vampire Killer is also the title of the iconic level 1 theme, appearing in many games of the franchise. This card is also similar to Abraham Van Helsing, the man who killed Dracula, a vampire.
    • Castlevania - the castle of Dracula - is featured in this card's artwork. It was also referenced in the card "Infernalvania".
    • This card is similar to "Getsu Fuhma": they are both Level 4 DARK Warrior monsters that destroy evil monsters by effect (this card destroys DARK monsters, while "Getsu Fuhma" destroys Zombies and Fiends) and are based on Konami game characters.
      • The characters these cards are based off of also fight demons and the undead in their respective games. More specifically, however, the clan is bound by divine legacy to fight Dracula specifically, and has done so throughout their entire history. (It seems more of a curse on their family than anything else; it turned out very badly for the one member who tried to defy it.)
      • Ironically, "Vampire Hunter"'s depiction is most similar to that of Soma Cruz, the protagonist in the modern day set series of Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow, who is the reincarnation of Dracula post a final battle in the year 1999.
  • Ironically, despite this card's anti-DARK effect, it is a DARK monster itself.

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