• The red rings that "Baby Tiragon" is going through appear to be a more childish version of the rings that appear for a Synchro Summon.
  • The card name might be a play on "hula hoop" and "Tragon." The artwork shows that "Baby Tiragon" is jumping through a hula hoop, similar to the circus trick performed by a tiger.
  • The "Ura" (ウラ) from this card's name seems to relate with Flip Turner because of his speaking habits. He also owns this card.
  • "Shadow Tamer" appears in this card's artwork, using its whip to force "Baby Tiragon" to jump through hoops.
    • This is fitting in as the effect of "Shadow Tamer" that takes control of an opponent's monster is similar to this card.
      • However, "Shadow Tamer" ordering "Baby Tiragon" is strange, as "Tiragon" is a Dragon-Type monster, and "Shadow Tamer's" effect only works on Fiend-Type monsters.
  • This card has a resemblance to "Shiny Black "C"" as they both are a counter strategy for the new types of monsters (Synchro and Xyz respectively) and the both have "C" in their name.

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