• This is one of several cards that gets both nerfed and improved at the same time. This card is nerfed because in the anime it can add any Tuner, while in the OCG/TCG print it can add only "Synchron" Tuners. But this card is also improved because in the anime you need to send cards with an amount equal to the added Tuner's Level, while the OCG/TCG print only asks you to send the top card in your Deck.
  • This card's Tag Force 4 effect is a combined version of the anime effect and the OCG/TCG effect - in Tag Force 4, this card lets you add only "Synchron" Tuner monsters just like in the OCG/TCG print, but also asks you to send cards with an amount equal to the Tuner's Level, just like the anime effect.
  • This card's name and artwork is parodied in "Hell Tuning".

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