• Part of this monster's Japanese name, "V.F.D.", could be an abbreviation of the Latin phrase Vicarius Filii Dei, or could be the number of the beast when converted to Roman numerals. This matches up with the fact that this monster's name also includes "The Beast" in it. The Latin phrase means "representative of the son of God," and was constructed by opponents of the Pope to "prove" that he is the Beast.
    • It might be possible that "V.F.D" stands for the "codes" of the three other "True King" monsters: "Agnimazud" (the Vanisher), "Bahrastos" (the Fathomer), and "Lithosagym" (the Disaster), thus making this monster as the combination of those three.
  • This monster's body possesses several eye-like incisions akin to those found on the "Amorphage" and "Dracoverlord" monsters.

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