• Trigon is pictured alongside one of the bosses from Gradius Gaiden, Deltatry/"Delta Tri", which uses the flame dragon as an attack. It is highly likely that Trigon is an Intruder, a species of fire dragon from the games, which is also fought as a boss on it's own.
  • The effect this card grants to the equipped monster is similar to the effect of "Falchionβ"; both monsters are also from the Gradius series.
  • This card originated from the arcade game produced by Konami named "Trigon" (aka "Lightning Fighters" in the US and European countries), which it is the dragon laser power up you obtain in game. In Gradius Gaiden, Deltatry's fire dragons were heavily inspired by "Trigon"'s dragon lasers, hence the name "Trigon".

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