• Like many other "Frog" and Toad monsters, this card's Japanese name is a pun. This card's name is a pun of 差し替える (Sashikaeru) or "replace".
  • This card seems to be a watered-down version of the banned "Frog" support card, "Substitoad".
    • Additionally, this card's name may be a reference to this fact; it's a "replacement" for "Substitoad"
  • By looking at this card's artwork, it appears to be a younger version of "Substitoad". Strangely though, it has the same ATK and DEF as "Substitoad".
    • Also, the skin colors of this card are flipped along with the placing of the angel and fiend wing. It also has an arrow on its back instead of the gear-like marking on "Substitoad's" pink side.
      • This is fitting because "Tradetoad's" effect summons from the grave while "Substitoad's" summons from the deck.
  • This is a Toad monster. The others are "Substitoad" and "Ronintoadin". Despite its name, "Toad Master" does not count as a Toad monster because of its Japanese name, which uses the word "todo" instead of "kaeru".
  • This card also resembles the anime-exclusive "Star Blaster": both cards are split in two halves, one LIGHT with a red/pink color scheme and one DARK with a black scheme. Their wings also look alike.