• "Yata-Garasu", "Rescue Cat", "Cyber-Stein", "Magical Scientist", "Sangan", the monsters in the artwork of "Tribe-Infecting Virus", and the blue demon in the artwork of "Mistake" appear in this card's artwork.
    • All of these monsters are on the current Forbidden list (as of September 1, 2013).
      • This bus is what takes forbidden cards to the "Forbidden Realms", where they cannot be used. This scene is continued on in "Shared Ride" where one of the Fiends on "Delinquent Duo" (who appears to be the driver) and the angel on "Graceful Charity" also appear as passengers, the latter trying to comfort "Sangan".
    • None of these monsters can be searched by this card, except for "Yata-Garasu".
    • Based on this card's name, the artwork of this card seems to depict the inside of the second Tour Bus shown in the artwork of "Mistake".
      • This card depicts the events after "Sangan" boarded the bus in "Mistake", where it realizes it mistakenly boarded the bus headed for the "Forbidden Realms" where it will become banned.
        • "Sangan" became banned in March 2013, five months before the release of this card.
  • This card has the same Level, Attribute, and Type as "Sangan", as well as reversed ATK and DEF and a similar effect of searching a monster from your Deck.

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