• This monster appears in the artworks of the following cards.
  • Despite Yuya's copies of this card and "Stargazer Magician" being of Rare rarity in the anime, the TCG and OCG have not released that version of rarity of those cards.
  • As its name implies, this card represents time while "Stargazer Magician" represents space.
  • This monster appears to be related to "Enlightenment Paladin".
    • This is supported by the same arced blade-like frames on their bodies, the similar clock symbols in the background of their artworks, and their similar hairstyles.
    • In addition to the above characteristics, this monster also appears to be related to "Timebreaker Magician", due to their similar names, and their similar effects (the monster effect of "Timegazer Magician" and the Pendulum Effect of "Timebreaker Magician").

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