• This monster is an amalgam of "Infernoid Tierra", "Darktellarknight Batlamyus" and all 10 "Qli" monsters.
    • This card has the same ATK, DEF and Level of "Infernoid Tierra" and "Infernoid Tierra" also has an impactful effect that is activated upon its Special Summon.
  • This monster is a counterpart to "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth". It has the same Level, but an "opposite" Type and Attribute ("Sophia" is a DARK Fairy-Type, this card is a LIGHT Fiend-Type), reversed ATK and DEF values, harsh Summoning requirements, and similar mass removal effects that cannot be responded to.
    • In terms of appearance, "Sophia" has a natural, organic appearance, while "Tierra" is completely artificial and mechanical in form.
  • This card's English name is likely a reference to the computer source code, very much like how the name of "Qli" monsters reference computing in general.

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