• This monster appears in the artwork of "Xyz Burst".
  • This card bears resemblances with some of the most notable cards from the previous three series:
    • It has the same number of stars (8, though as an Xyz Monster, it is Rank and not Level) as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Red Dragon Archfiend".
    • It has 3000 ATK, same with the aforementioned two.
    • It is a LIGHT Attribute monster, the same as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • It has 2000 DEF, the same as "Red Dragon Archfiend".
    • Its name bears similarity with "Light End Dragon", "Dark End Dragon", and "Cyber End Dragon".
    • Its artwork depicts lightning, reminiscent of White Lightning, the dub version of "Burst Stream of Destruction". This card's effect is also similar to the effect of "Burst Stream of Destruction".
    • Consequently, destroying monsters on the opponent's side of field is reminiscent of Demon Meteor, which is the effect of "Red Dragon Archfiend".
    • This card's relation to lightning could also be attributed to "Raigeki" and "Lightning Vortex" which are also lightning-based and destroy monsters.
    • The summoning requirement can be fulfilled with 2 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • Its color scheme (dominantly white and blue) is also similar to "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
    • This monster's naming scheme is similar to "Thunder Dragon" and "Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon", two other monsters used by Seto Kaiba in addition to "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
  • This monster's pose is very similar to the second artwork of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

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