• This card's name may also be a nod to how the mythological Amazons are a belligerent and splenetic race.
    • According to one myth, in order to prevent their extinction, each year the Amazons raided and had sex with the Gargareans, killing many of them. This card's maintenance cost, which requires Tributing (killing) one monster during each of your Standby Phases, may be related to their regular homicidal raids.
    • Despite this, this card has no in-game relation to the Amazoness Archetype. It's original name doesn't even have the word "Amazon" in it; rather, she's simply the "Ally-Killing Female Knight".
  • This card has the same ATK as "Panther Warrior". Their effects are also similar—"Panther Warrior" Tributes monsters in order to attack, while this card Tributes monsters each turn to stay on the field.
    • Both monsters are also used by characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime (this card by Mai Valentine and "Panther Warrior" by Joey Wheeler).
    • This card's name and maintenance cost make it a symbol of how hurt and betrayed Mai Valentine felt when Joey Wheeler lied to her about her absence in his dream. (She, along with his other friends, raised him back onto his feet when he was sitting on the classroom floor.) When this card was destroyed by "Makyura the Destructor" during her duel against Yami Marik, the Shadow Game caused her to forget about Joey. This card alone also foreshadows Mai's involvement and actions in the Waking the Dragons arc. Mai betrays Joey, her best friend, and "Kills" him by beating him in a Duel(Tributing a Monster), in a quest to escape her psychological pain(Being destroyed otherwise).

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