• This card's artwork is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 55: "In the Name of the Pharaoh", specifically from the panel where Dark Yugi declares his true name, Atem (albeit with minor changes in artwork details).
    • Yugi is holding his cartouche here, which Téa had given to him (before he entered the World of Memories) so that he could inscribe his name on it when he remembered it.
  • This card's effect is also based on Yami Yugi's ability to "influence fate" by his willpower in the anime, enabling him to draw the cards he visualized during his ceremonial duel with Yugi Muto.
    • This was shown as he declared he would draw "Big Shield Gardna", before drawing it and playing it on the field without looking at it. This was also repeated for "Dark Magic Curtain", "Thousand Knives", and "Dark Spear" (although he drew those cards first, declared their names, then played them on the field immediately each time, all without looking at them).

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