• All The Six Samurai hold different weapons that have something to do with their effects. The Six Samurai - Nisashi holds a katana and a wakizashi, which also happen to look like lightsabers from Star Wars.
    • This card's weapons can also be called a daisho, and while usually the wakizahi would be used to parry it can also be used to attack after making an opening with the katana.
  • Aside from The Six Samurai - Nisashi, all other Six Samurai have a DEF 500 points lower than their ATK. In Nisashi's case, the difference is 700.
  • This card might be a reference to Miyamoto Musashi; a master swordsman well known for his Niten Style (2 sword combat style). Both the name and two swords are reminiscent of Musashi, and his appearance in Six Style - Dual Wield reinforces this reference.

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