• "The Six Samurai - Irou" resembles the blind samurai in the Japanese movie, Zatoichi, and is even wearing a visor.
    • His long sword resembles a blind man's cane, and the fact that he is DARK-attribute could also be a reference to his blindness.
  • All The Six Samurai hold different weapons that have something to do with their effects. The Six Samurai - Irou holds a nodachi (a katana with a blade significantly longer than 4 feet).
    • Irou's sword appears to be sheathed; this would make him the only member of the Six Samurai whose weapon has a physical blade, not one made of energy.
  • This card is based on Sasaki Kojirō, known for his "Turning Swallow Cut" and his ill-fated duel with Musashi Miyamoto (the basis of "The Six Samurai - Nisashi").
    • Appropriately, this card appears in the artwork of "Swallow Flip", and Sasaki Kojirō was often depicted as favoring a nodachi.
      • The "Swallow Flip" relation is supported by the fact "Turning Swallow Cut" is "Tsubame Gaeshi" (燕返し) in Japanese, literally translated as "Swallow Reversal / Return", which is the Japanese name of the "Swallow Flip" card.

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