• This card's name is based on the mythological "Kudan", a Japanese Yokai that has a human face with a calf's body. The Kudan is said to predict calamities, and dies within 3 days of being born. This card's effect references that by destroying itself when its controller has 3 or more cards in the hand.
  • "Kuda" also an Indonesian name for "Horse".
  • The imp-like creature in this card's artwork also appears in that of "The Fabled Unicore's".
    • The white color of the creature seems to refer to this card's status as a Synchro Monster, all of which have white card backgrounds.
    • This creature's name is Gree as pointed out in the Duel Terminal Master Guide
  • This monster is currently the weakest "Fabled" Synchro Monster.

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