• This card's name is a pun in several languages:
    • The English name of this card is Latin for "Tortoise was God."
    • This card's Japanese name is a pun; Turtle (Kame) and God (Kami) have similar pronunciations. Most Japanese puns tend to be wordplays, even if the translated sentence makes little sense.
    • Only the German version of this card's name is not a pun: "Die Schildkröte war göttlich", which means "The turtle was divine".
  • This card's name could be a reference to a god named Om, who was featured in a book by Terry Pratchett titled "Small Gods". Om took the form of a turtle when people stopped believing in him.
  • Another possibility is that this card is meant to represent Kim Qui, a god in Chinese mythology known to take the form of a turtle.
    • There are similar myths in North American Aboriginal Mythology, where the World is on the back of a Turtle (which is God).