• Like many other "Frog" monsters, this card's Japanese name is a pun: the kanji "鬼", normally read as "oni", can also be read as "ki", and this card reads "kigaeru", which also means "to change one's clothes".
  • This monster could possibly be the antithesis to "Treeborn Frog". While "Treeborn Frog" looks angelic with wings and a halo, "Swap Frog" has two horns that are usually depicted on demons. He also has a tight card combo with "Treeborn Frog". The word "Oni" can refer to many things: Ogre, Troll, Demon or Curse/Maledict.
    • The devil theme is also emphazise in its effect since it can send an Aqua-type monster to the grave when it's summoned.

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