• This card's Japanese name (Zarc) contains an unusual spelling, where instead of the normal character of the za sound 「ザ」, two different ones,「ズ」 and 「ア」 (respectively zu and a), are crossed together and used in its place.
  • In the anime, this card is the first Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum hybrid monster.
    • It is also the first anime Xyz Monster to have a printed Level instead of a Rank.
  • This card's anime version is the only Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Pendulum Monster that does not have an effect that places itself in the Pendulum Zone.
  • This card is the first Fusion Pendulum Monster to be released. It is also the first Level 12 Pendulum Monster to be released.
    • This card also has the highest ATK and DEF of all Pendulum Monsters.
  • This card is the first Pendulum Monster to be a Nomi monster, as well as the first Pendulum Monster that cannot be Pendulum Summoned at all.
  • This card shares some similarities with "Shooting Quasar Dragon" from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
    • They are both Nomi Extra Deck monsters that are Level 12 with 4000 ATK and DEF.
    • They both have their own unique style of summoning in the anime (Integration Summon and Limit Over Accel Synchro).
    • They both have types that are unique only to them in the anime ("Z-ARC" is a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum Monster and "Quasar" is a Limit Over Accel Synchro Monster).
    • In the anime, they are both Special Summoned by combining members of a specific series of dragons (for "Z-ARC", the Four Dimension Dragons and for "Quasar", the Signer Dragons).
  • This card is also similar to "Five-Headed Dragon" as both are Fusion Monsters of multiple Dragons of different types (though the OCG/TCG version only implies this through appearance and effect) and have 1000 ATK and DEF for each Material. Also, neither were Fusion Monsters in their debut series ("Five-Headed Dragon" was a Ritual Monster and "Z-ARC" was a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum Monster).
    • Both also debut with characters acting as part of them (Zarc/Yuya for this card and The Big Five for "Five-Headed Dragon") to face off against multiple Duelists from their respective series.

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