• This card is a direct tribute to GaoGaiGar, from the 1997 Sunrise anime, The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. Namely, it bears more resemblance to GaoFighGar, a variation on the original GaoGaiGar mecha, which appeared in the 2000 sequel OVA, The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL. On top of looking practically identical, the component machines are strikingly similar: GaoFighGar is a combination of a specialized phantom fighter, a stealth fighter, a multistage rocket, and twin drill tanks; whereas the original Gaogaigar is composed of a similar stealth fighter and drill tank, but with a bullet train replacing the rocket in the combination, and a lion-robot.
    • This is more obvious in the anime, when once joined with a monster the "absorbed" monster's head is placed on the chest of this card, and this card's design alters to gain several more of the traits normally associated with GaoGaiGar (such as squared lower legs, thicker upper arms/legs, and prongs on either side of the head). The short sequence where the monster is being summoned even bears resemblance to the Final Fusion sequence.
    • The ideal fourth Machine for the homage is "Jetroid" rather than "Truckroid", as this would cause the result to be near-perfectly identical GaoFighGar.

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