• The monsters "Kuriboh", "Griffore", and "Gaia The Fierce Knight" appear in this card's artwork, along with 2 copies of "Dark Magical Circle" (1 of them reversed).
    • This is because this card's artwork is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 59: "The Legendary Swordsman", specifically from the panel in which the featured monsters are being offered as Tributes for "Black Luster Ritual".
    • Ironically, it is impossible to recreate the artwork with this card and summon the Ritual Monster like Yugi did it, without first applying a Level-changing effect, as the total Level of those three monsters exceeds 8, and this card asks the total Level to be exactly 8.
  • This card's artwork is reminiscent of that of "Black Magic Ritual", especially since the same ornamental instruments appear in both cards' artworks.

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