• Like the other "Frog" and Toad monsters, this card's Japanese name is a pun. This time, however, it does not refer to a real frog, but "to swap around", or 入れ替える (Irekaeru).
  • This card's English name is a portmanteau of the words "substitute" and "toad".
  • This card is the first and only card to ever become Forbidden due to its support for an archetype: it is banned due to its ability to mill the Deck and fill the Graveyard really quick by continuously Tributing the "Frog" monsters which were Special Summoned by its effect.
  • This card has a watered-down counterpart, "Tradetoad".
  • This card is the "Frog" version of "Lonefire Blossom", as it can get any "Frog" monster from the Deck and can Tribute itself to activate its effect.