• This card's English title "Stoic" refers to a school of philosophy that believed overcoming emotions would lead to better moral or ethical well-being. Thus a stoic is defined as a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining– a good metaphor for the symbolism of the "hanged man" Tarot card, which most commonly depicts a person peacefully hanging from their foot upside-down.
  • This card is the first card to search for a "Prophecy/魔導" monster. There are many cards in the OCG with "魔導" in their name such as "Breaker the Magical Warrior" and "Magical Scientist" but none of them are Level 3, which make them ineligible for this effect.
    • It can be reasoned that this was the reason why this card was specifically made to search for Level 3 "Prophecy/魔導" monsters. It can also be reasoned this is why there are so many Level 3 "Prophecy" monsters released in Return of the Duelist and Abyss Rising for this archetype.

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