• The card's name is a portmanteau of Delta (the format of its shield) and Theros, which is Greek for Summer.
    • This card's triangle shield and the fact that it can be summoned with three monsters named after the stars Altair, Deneb and Vega, are references to the Summer Triangle.
      • This monster also reflects this by incorporating design elements from "Satellarknight Altair", "Satellarknight Vega", and "Satellarknight Deneb". This is apparent, but not limited, by the pink parts on his legs (Vega's pink dress), his blue underarmor (Altair's blue underarmor), and his golden armor trim and sword (Deneb's golden armor trim and sword).
      • The all three original emblem parts are present in Deleteros'chest: Deneb's back, Altair's jerkin and the bottom of Vega's harp. Moreover, the helmet of the members are fused, to form the present one.
      • As well as Delteros armor, the star constellations in the background are, but not limited to, the colour yellow/gold (Deneb), pink/red (Altair) and finally blue (Vega) - the very same colour of the constellations which appear in those monster's backgrounds.
  • The staff this monster wields in the same as that of Deneb's, the Caduceus. The present crystals shine with an orange brightness instead of white, reminding the color of the summer that symbolizes this monster.

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