• This monster is the Fusion counterpart of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", and "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon".
    • Just like the anime effects of "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion", this card's effect affects Level 5 or higher monsters. Unlike the other two cards, however, and like "Clear Wing", that characteristic was retained for this card's OCG/TCG effect.
    • Like how its counterparts are a reference to their owner's origin, "Starving Venom" represents Zarc's desire for power, his own corruption and sadistic personality, which is reflected by Yuri's corrupted personality.
  • Among the Four Dimension Dragons, this card has the highest ATK with 2800.
    • It also has the highest Level among the non-Xyz members with 8.
  • This card is the first "Venom" and "Fusion" Fusion Monster. ("Fusionist" is not a part of the "Fusion" archetype.)
    • This is also the first Dragon "Venom" monster, as well as the strongest in terms of ATK.
  • This is the first Fusion Monster in the OCG/TCG that is not Special Summoned via Contact Fusion to specifically state which location its Fusion Materials must originate from, in this case, the field.
    • This card's requirement for its Fusion Materials to be on the field most likely reflects how its Dimension Dragon counterparts require their respective Materials to also be on the field.
  • Unlike the other members of the Four Dimension Dragons, this card's Japanese name does not contain the Japanese name of its Summon mechanic. Its name contains a transliteration of the English word "Fusion" (フュージョン Fyūjon) instead of the Japanese name for Fusion (融合 Yūgō).
  • This monster has the following distinctions from the other Four Dimension Dragons:
    • It is the only member whose ATK is not 2500.
    • It is the only non-Xyz member whose Level is not 7.
    • It is the only member to have an effect that activates upon its Summoning and destruction.
    • It is the only member whose name was changed when released in the TCG, going from "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon" to "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon".
    • Despite having a recurring attack animation, it is the only member not to have an Attack or Effect name.
    • It is the only member whose effects were not all activated, as its last effect was mentioned several times but never activated.
  • While this card is seen used in tandem with "Ultra Polymerization" in the Anime, it is impossible to fully "Ultra Polymerization" with this card in OCG. As per this ruling.

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