• This is the first "Warrior" monster to meet the criteria to be an Accel Synchro Monster, as well as the first such monster to debut outside of the anime.
  • This card's original Level, ATK and DEF are the highest among all "Warrior" Synchro Monsters (original ATK being tied with "Road Warrior").
  • Like "Lightpulsar Dragon", this card received an errata between the time it was first revealed through a magazine scan and its actual release, in order to prevent an extremely powerful loop. The original card text did not have the "Level 8 or lower" restriction in the last sentence, allowing this card to continuously Summon back an extra copy of itself whenever it left the field.
  • The unarmed parts of this monster's body somewhat resembles Yusei's shirt.
  • As this monster is based off of "Stardust Dragon", it naturally shares many design elements.
    • The three protrusions on the head of "Stardust Dragon" appear on this monster as well.
    • Its chest is a more metallic version of the abdomen from "Stardust Dragon".
    • The kneecaps of "Stardust Dragon" make an appearance on this monster.
    • The light-blue segmented details throughout this card are the same as those of "Stardust Dragon".
  • This card's Summoning chant in the commercial video of Structure Deck: Synchron Extreme is the following: "Tsudoishi chikara ga kobushi ni yadoru, hagane wo kudau ishi to kasu... Hikari sasu michi to nare! Akuseru Shinkuro! Awarareyo, Sutadasuto Woria!". The translation is: "Clustering power that dwells inside this fist, change into a will that shatters steel...! Become the path its light shines upon! Accel Synchro! Appear, Stardust Warrior!"
    • The Summoning chant is done by Yusei's original Japanese voice actor (CV: Yuya Miyashita).
  • On the French and Spanish product pages for the Synchron Extreme Structure Deck, this card was named "Guerrier de Poussière D'étoile" and "Guerrero del Polvo de Estrellas" instead of "Guerrier de Poussière d'Étoile" and "Guerrero de Polvo de Estrellas", respectively.

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