• This card resembles "Maxwell" from the video game series Scribblenauts. Both characters have an astronaut appearance and can draw objects using a magic pen.
    • This is deliberate, since Konami is the company that published the Japanese version of the Scribblenauts series. So, this is one of the many Cards based on Konami video games.
  • In this card's artwork, the monster draws a star symbolizing its effect to change itself to a Level 5.
    • Since it is "drawing" a star, this could also be a pun relating to its effect to draw a card.
    • Also, if it were not for the more innocuous vibe of this card's artwork, the drawn star could have been edited in this card's International version (it's not) because as it is being drawn unicursal, it could have alluded to a religious Pentagram.
      • Coincidentally, the pentagram is not edited out in the TCG artwork.

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