• This monster is based on the Tarot card, The Magician, the first of the Major Arcana.
    • This card's Japanese name comes from the French name for "The Magician" Tarot card, Le Bateleur.
  • This monster is holding the "Spellbook of Secrets", which is appropriate because both of their effects involve searching for "Spellbook" cards.
    • "Spellbook of Secrets" can search for this card due to "Spellbook Magician" having the "Madōsho" (魔導書) or "Spellbook" kanji in his name, since "Secrets" searches for any "Madōsho" or "Spellbook" card.
  • This monster is the only "Prophecy" monster which has "Spellbook" in its name.

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