• This card resembles a Pteranodon despite not being a Dinosaur-Type.
  • This card has a name that includes "Bird" despite the fact he is a reptile.
  • This card has the closest look of a Pteranodon Longiceps.The second is "Jurrac Ptera" & the third "Black Ptera". "Oxygeddon", "Shield Wing", & "Volcanic Rocket" resemble also a Pteranodon but less than the others.
  • This monster bears an uncanny resemblance to "Daigusto Phoenix." Coincidentally, this monster is used to bring out Level 2 monsters which are necessary to Xyz Summon "Phoenix".
  • This card may be a reference to "Speed Warrior", which is not only Level 2, but is also the only other monster (if does not count the variant in Koa'ki Meiru Speeder) to have "speed" in its name.

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