• The English name for this card, "Sorciere de Fleur" is gramatically incorrect in French. It means "Witch of Flower" instead of "Witch of Flowers" or "Witch of the Flower." The name should be "Sorciere des Fleurs," "Witch of Flowers" as per the French name or "Sorciere de la Fleur," "Witch of the Flower" as per the Japanese name.
    • The French name, "Sorciere des Fleurs" rectifies this mistake by becoming "Witch of Flowers."
  • The Japanese name, "時花の魔女 - Fleur de Sorciere" is incorrect in French. Fleur de Sorciere in French actually means Flower of [the] Witch referring to the Flower instead of the Witch.
    • However, it is gramatically correct using Japanese grammar as in the first part of her Japanese name "時花の魔女 tokibana no majo" which literally translated is "Timeflower of Witch" but when properly translated becomes "Witch of the Time Flower."
    • This error in French word order can also be found in the Japanese name of Sherry LeBlanc's "Chevalier de Fleur."

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