• This card's Japanese name comes from the term "NEET", which refers to an out-of-school and unemployed young person.
  • This card has the highest DEF of all Rank 1 Xyz Monsters.
    • This was also the first Rank 1 Xyz Monster that doesn't need 3 Xyz Materials to Summon.
  • According to the Master Guide 4 monster stories,[1] "Slacker Magician" is the rival and best-friend of "Alchemic Magician". Both are well-known potion masters who studied together and now run a potion shop. However, due to her introverted personality, "Slacker Magician" stopped working, staying at her house all day long. After the incessant attempts of "Alchemic Magician" to cheer her up, she returned to business, while also creating the popular potion "Stim-Pack".
    • In fact, "Stim-Pack", or an early variant of the potion, possibly appears in this card's artwork.
    • "Slacker Magician" and "Alchemic Magician" also seem to be friends and/or rivals of "Akashic Magician" according to the scenes shown in the artworks of "Arrivalrivals" and "Staring Contest".
  • "Downerd Magician" is an upgraded form of this card.
    • The fact that you can Xyz Summon "Downerd Magician" by using this card in the Main Phase 2 can imply that it wanted to slack off and not do battle, but finally decided to be productive later.
    • To further support this, "Downerd Magician" has the reversed ATK and DEF of this card.


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