• "7 Colored Fish", "Goblin of Greed", "Pot of Duality", and "Pot of Greed" appear in this card's artwork.
    • The appearance of "7 Colored Fish" is a reference to it as a prized commodity, as stated in its own card text and supported by the scene depicted in the artwork of "Fish and Swaps".
      • The other 2 goblins in the upper-right corner of this card's artwork appear to be discussing the possible purchase of a golden dragon statue, similar to the artwork of "Trade-In" (which the artwork of "Fish and Swaps" references).
    • "Goblin of Greed" appears to be trading in a damaged "Pot of Greed" in return for a "Pot of Duality" and a few gold coins.
      • This is supported by the fact that he later returns to the same seller in an attempt to get a refund (as depicted in the artwork of "Recall").

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