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  • In episode 150 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, when this monster is Summoned and descends from above the sky, it resembles what a real quasar looks like: a giant vortex of gas with a jet of light emitting from its middle.
  • Since a quasar is a mass of extremely fast spinning matter around supermassive black holes, this card's name might be referring to the spinning Ener-D that enables Synchro Summons and the fact that it is Summoned by a highly-evolved version of the Synchro Summon.
  • This card's effect is similar to (if not reminiscent of) the effect from "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode". "Shooting Quasar Dragon" can negate any card effect and Special Summon "Shooting Star Dragon" from the Extra Deck when it leaves the field, much like how "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode" can negate any card effect and Special Summons "Stardust Dragon" when it's destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.
  • This monster's body resembles the "Timelords", the monsters that this card came about to counter in the anime.

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