• The book under the castle is the "Toon World" and the monster featured on the front cover of this book is "Dark Rabbit".
    • Ironically, "Dark Rabbit" can't be equipped by this card, being a DARK monster.
    • In the anime, when Pegasus activates this card "Dark Rabbit" is hidden inside "Toon World", he then increases the ATK of the (at the time) only LIGHT "Toon" monster that could be equipped by this card; "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon".
  • In several video games, this card's information page incorrectly states that it gives 700 ATK bonus to all LIGHT Attribute monsters. The effect still works normally however.
  • This card was released in the TCG more than ten years after it was released in the OCG. The same can be said of "Dark Rabbit," which appears on the cover of the book in this card's artwork.
  • This is the only card featuring "Toon World" that can be used on cards other than "Toon" cards.
  • Its Japanese print lacks the Equip icon.

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