• "Sangan", the angel in the artwork of "Graceful Charity", the monsters in the artwork of "Tribe-Infecting Virus", and the red fiend in the artwork of "Delinquent Duo" appears in this card's artwork, showing the aftermath of the artwork of "Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms".
    • It has been established that the Bus is for monsters whose cards have been placed on the Forbidden List, and the scene suggests that the angel is trying to comfort "Sangan", while one of the monsters from "Tribe-Infecting Virus" is confused about their present location. The fiend from "Delinquent Duo" is the bus driver.
    • The events in this card's artwork continue on in "Mistaken Arrest".
  • The rather emotional reaction of "Sangan" to being on the bus may be a reference to how "Sangan" was often considered a Staple until it was Forbidden, as opposed to the other monsters who have been banned for considerably longer before this card's release.

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